Summer travel with children after divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2021 | Divorce

For some children, the highlight of the summer is going on vacation. Many parents don’t have to worry about much other than picking the destination and making the plans. If you have split up from your child’s other parent, though, there’s something else you have to worry about. That’s whether or not you can legally take the child out of state or not.

Sometimes, child custody orders contain geographical restrictions that require the parents to keep the child within a certain area. If this is included in your child custody paperwork, you’ll need to learn about your options for taking the child to an out-of-state destination.

What type of approval do you need?

Some parents who have child custody orders won’t need any permission or approval to take the kids out of state. Others will need either the other parent’s approval or the court’s approval. If you’re required to get permission to leave a certain area with your child, make sure that you follow the steps to get that permission. You could have serious problems if you attempt to take the kids without obtaining the proper consent.

Even if you don’t have to get permission, it’s courteous for you to give the other parent your itinerary. You should also encourage the child to remain in contact with the other child while you’re gone on the trip.

When you’re going through a child custody case, you must carefully consider every term that you’re including in the parenting plan. Finding out your options and thinking about what’s best for the children should help you make your decisions. Remember, you should set the parenting plan based on what the kids need now because you can modify it as needed in the future.