Build Your Family Through Adoption

The path to adoption can be long, complex and confusing. Many would-be adoptive parents are concerned about potential legal problems before or after the adoption. At Grable Grimshaw Mora PLLC, we help you through the process and are ready to address your questions and concerns.

With dependable legal advice, you can understand your rights, obligations and opportunities to move forward in a positive direction. If our family law firm represents you, we will do all we can to streamline legal processes. We do the heavy lifting while you focus on preparing for your soon-to-be-adopted son or daughter.

Your Family’s Pathway To Adoption

Every adoptive family has a unique story. You and/or your spouse may be looking for or may have found a child to adopt through:

  • Private referral
  • Adoption agency
  • Foster care program
  • International adoption
  • Stepparent adoption
  • Grandparent adoption

With one of our family law attorneys assisting you, we can help you progress toward your family’s goal of a successful adoption. 

Also Advising Birth Parents 

While this page has been geared toward adoptive parents, our firm also welcomes inquiries from birth parents. You can trust our attorneys and staff to treat you with compassion and respect. We will help you understand every aspect of a planned adoption and consider options such as an open adoption. 

Discuss Your Adoption Plans With Our Team

Adoption is an especially rewarding area of our family law practice. We are ready to guide you through a stepparent adoption, a grandparent adoption, a private adoption, an adoption of a foster child or an international adoption. To schedule a free consultation, call 210-761-5687 or complete our simple online intake form.