Experienced Guidance Through Your Divorce

Not all couples experience the stereotypical divorce battle. In fact, the dramatized depictions of divorce that you see in movies are not necessary for all couples. Divorce often involves conflict between the parties, but conflict does not have to take over your case. Each divorce can take a vastly different path.

Our divorce lawyers at Grable Grimshaw Mora PLLC can guide you through an uncontested divorce, collaborative divorce or litigation. We adjust our approach to promote your long-term interests. We can discuss your situation and guide you toward a solution that will work for you and the rest of your family.

Gain A Strong Courtroom Advocate

Entering into divorce, you never know how the process will unfold. You want an experienced litigator on your side in case your divorce goes to court. At Grable Grimshaw Mora PLLC, we have extensive courtroom experience. We understand how to prepare your case to provide you with the best chances of success. We will protect your rights as we determine:

Should You Consider An Uncontested Divorce?

Uncontested divorce can help you avoid a court battle. Trial can be an expensive, drawn-out and stressful undertaking. Minimizing time, stress and legal costs can ease you through the divorce process and allow you to spend more energy helping your children during this time of transition.

Additionally, if spouses can agree to most of the divorce terms, they will not have to put their futures in the hands of a stranger. A judge will try to be as fair as possible when dividing marital property. However, they might not understand your specific needs or consider each spouse’s preferences.

However, uncontested divorces are not the right decision for every couple. If you have a history of domestic abuse in your family, or you and your spouse cannot put aside differences to work together, litigation may be a better option.

Collaborative Law

Another alternative to litigation is collaborative divorce which allows divorcing couples to work together rather than against each other to arrive at a settlement agreement. This can minimize acrimony and streamline the divorce process. However, this only works if you and your spouse are able to work together toward a common goal.

You may also consider divorce mediation or arbitration. During both of these processes, an outside party is brought in to help you and your spouse think through each aspect of the divorce and find a solution outside of court. This can save you both time and money.

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