Divorce Mediation: There Is A Better Way

No one really wins a divorce battle. It drains your assets, drives the wedges deeper and takes a toll on everyone, including your children.

Mediation looks beyond the divorce decree. It seeks to actually resolve disputes rather than declare winners and losers. It aims to reduce the friction and move everyone forward in a healthy and productive way. Using mediation, divorce doesn’t have to be a fight.

Have You Considered Mediation?

In mediation, you and your spouse meet with a neutral third party to discuss the issues, from division of property to child custody and parenting plans. The mediator’s role is to keep the negotiations on track, clarify points of law, and offer suggestions or possible solutions.

Divorce mediation can be preferable to litigation in several ways, including:

  • It generally costs less than going to court.
  • It’s typically quicker. You are not waiting months to get on the docket.
  • There is less acrimony and maneuvering involved.
  • You have a direct say in the outcome, as opposed to a judge handing down a decision.

Mediator Services

Attorney Randy Mora is a trained mediator. If you hire Randy to mediate your divorce settlement or custody dispute, he will not unfairly represent or favor either party. As a true neutral, he will guide you both toward a fair and practical agreement as efficiently as possible. Randy will meet with both of you to schedule the sessions and agree on parameters that accommodate everyone equally.

Mediation Support

In mediation, you may still need legal advice as you work through the issues. Our skilled mediation attorney Randy Mora regularly counsels clients who have engaged an outside mediator. The mediation process is nonbinding. If negotiations break down, our capable trial lawyers can protect your interests in divorce proceedings.

Explore All Of Your Options For Resolving Divorce

Every case is unique. We can help you decide if mediation or collaborative divorce is right for your situation. Call Grable Grimshaw Mora at 210-761-5687 or email our office in San Antonio to discuss your case with our team.